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Piotr Bielewicz AKA facilitator

My Story

I was never a spiritual person. I was never a religious person either. For me the world would revolve around one's capability to make things work out for him/her by means of mental and physical effort. Education, money, success, safety; these would be the main goals and achievements in my life.

There was a moment when I started questioning my motives to date. I realised that the person following the egoic approach was not the true me. Somehow during my life I forgot who I truly was. As a result I embarked on a journey to find out more and rediscover my true Self. 

As I was going through my own spiritual awakening I had a sudden urge for purification. As if predestined I found myself enrolled into Aliveness Kundalini Activation facilitator programme. Only later did I realise that assisting others in their spiritual journey would turn out to be part of my own journey.

And this is where I am now...

My Approach

I am here for you. I am here to serve you by facilitating the flow of your own life force energy. All the work is done for you by you only. The journey that you are going through is not necessarily an easy one. It is sometimes important to take those two steps back to make any progress. However, as you become more aware of who you truly are and more conscious of what has been inhibiting your existance through the devine purification process, your life becomes much simpler, more straight-forward and full of joy. I am here to witness this unfolding with you.

Piotr Kundalini Activation
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